Keyboarding is Fun with Typing Quest!

Keyboarding can be an adventure! The versatile keyboarding courses of Typing Quest will take your students from beginner level all the way to touch typing mastery.

Typing Quest courses include up to 20 hours of fun and colorful exercises to help your students  become keyboarding champions. Take a look at what Typing Quest offers your school and sign up for a Free Trial!

PS. Typing Quest is also available for personal use and companies.

This Fall Typing Quest Conquers HTML5 and Tablets!

HTML5 Support

Typing Quest will work directly in HTML5, so Flash plug-in will no longer be required. How easy is that!

Tablet + External Keyboard

Soon you will be able to enjoy the courses using an iPad or any other tablet with an external keyboard.

Tablet + Touch Screen

Take part in our pilot program and try out our brand new material designed specifially for touch screens. It'll be fun!

Enjoyable Learning Experience

Keyboarding Kickstart with Games

Now children in Kindergarten through Second Grade can play their way through keyboarding basics with fun, instructive games that cover the keyboard step-by-step.
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Visual Guidance with Voice-Over

There are over 40 visual guidance slides in Keyboarding Kickstart and Junior Course with full voice-over to help acquaint users with the different aspects of the touch typing technique and ergonomics.

Virtual On-Screen Keyboard

Where is the key located and which finger do I use to press it? The on-screen keyboard makes it easy to learn new finger movements by visualizing the path fingers should follow.

Warm-Up Drills for Motor Skills

It’s recommended to always do a warm-up before exercising! Each Typing Quest lesson begins with a unique warm-up drill that focuses on motor skills and smooth finger movements.

Visual Scorecard

Feedback is an important part of learning. After each exercise students will see a visual scorecard that provides an intuitive way to assess skills and track progress. 

Adaptive Review Drill 

Some words are more difficult to type than others. Typing Quest tracks mistyped words during exercises and then presents those tricky words for additional practice in a special review drill each lesson.
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Lesson Exams with Target Scores

At the end of each lesson there is a lesson exam to assess students' skill level. You can set a specific target score for passing each exam.

Two Visual Themes

"Island Adventure" theme provides an adventurous setting for younger students, while "Blue Curves" offers a peaceful backdrop to keep you focused.
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State-of-the-Art Teacher Tools

Our excellent teacher tools make it easy to adjust the course for each class in addition to helping you track and assess student progress.

LDAP Authentication & LMS Support

Let your students log in using LDAP Authentication from e.g. Windows Active Directory. Or add our courses to your LMS, like Moodle or BlackBoard.
Read more about LDAP Authentication or LMS Support


Complete Keyboarding Curriculum

Keyboarding Kickstart

Play your way into keyboarding! This fun game package is the first step towards efficient use of the keyboard with both hands and all ten fingers. Use it with your younger students as an introduction before moving on to the Junior Typing or Touch Typing modules.

Age 5 - 7 8 - 12

7 lessons = ea. 1 hour

Junior Typing

This Junior keyboarding module covers the entire alphabet and common punctuation. The module can be adjusted to younger Typing Quest users (ages 8-12) by shortening lesson duration and by using easier words in both drills and skill tests found at the end of each lesson.

Age  8 - 12

15 lessons = 2.5 - 4.5 hours

Touch Typing

The main keyboarding module covers the entire alphabet and common punctuation such as the period, comma and question mark. There are longer and trickier words in exercises, texts and in the typing exam found at the end of each lesson.

Age 13+

14 lessons = 4 - 7 hours

Speed Building

The Speed Building module is designed to increase your typing speed and confidence. You will focus on the keys for each finger, type longer texts and train with common English words.

Age  10 - 12  13+

7 lessons = 2 - 3.5 hours

Number Row

Are you having trouble reaching the correct numbers? This two lesson module teaches how to type numbers on the number row using touch typing technique.

Age  10 - 12  13+

2 lessons = 0.5 - 1 hour


Extend your skills to include symbols, including Internet characters, mathematical symbols and different kinds of brackets. Note: Be sure to complete the Number Row module first as many symbols are located on the number row.

Age 13+

4 lessons = 1 - 2 hours

Numeric Keypad

Learn to use the 10-key number pad with touch typing technique. This may be useful in your math lessons as well!

Age 13+

3 lessons = 1 - 1.5 hours

Skill Tests

You can easily create your own timed writings to be used as pre- or mid-term tests or simply as additional practice.

Age 8 - 12 13+

20 ready-made texts + add your own


Age 5 - 7 8 - 12 13+

7 courses

52 lessons

300+ exercises

Up to 20 hours of 
fun and engaging practice!


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This Fall Typing Quest Conquers HTML5 and Tablets!

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